Common Misconceptions

People think if you work from home you spend the day:

  • Watching daytime TV
  • Chatting to friends on the phone
  • Am available 24/7 for shopping trips, lunch dates and general fun with anyone who asks
  • Life is one long weekend!
  • Can take holidays all the time as don’t need to clear it with the boss!
  • Will one day get a real job


What actually happens:

  • What’s daytime TV?
  • Friends know if they call on weekdays including evenings I am working and often don’t answer the phone! Texting is better but will respond in a break that suits me!
  • I do have the odd lunch with the girls (like maybe once a month, like today in fact) but I add the 2 hours out of the office onto the end of my day.
  • Every day is a work day! I only take Saturdays off!
  • If I plan a holiday (what holiday?) I have to work twice as hard to make sure I earn enough to have the time off and while I’m on holiday I still have to do some work and respond to emails!


Welcome to my writerly life! And I LOVE it!!!


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