Enjoy the moment — make it last

There is something wonderful about sitting here so early in the morning and thinking about the writing this week. My new novel is slowly taking shape and I am finding myself lost in it at all times of day. You know it’s got you when you wake up thinking about it and go to bed thinking about it… and ideas pop into your head at all kinds of crazy times — like in the middle of a spin class — really.

So before I go back and lose myself in the mysterious goings-on on Church Lane I wish you all a wonderful Friday and a great weekend. My brother comes here later and tomorrow we go to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang the musical; a family evening, the man will be there too of course, we always have Saturdays together. And I have a new Cornerstones client to mentor with some short story writing on Sunday.

So have fun whatever you do! Enjoy everything. You never know when you will walk this path again. And on a sad note, I cannot believe how many truly talented people we have lost so far this year; a lot of our British stars. Victoria Wood’s comedy writing is genius and now she’s gone 😦 and  from across the pond. Prince is a legend. I saw him in the 90s in Sheffield and wow that man had talent. Heaven is getting richer, but we will miss them all.

A literary tribute to Prince on next month’s cover of The New Yorker… very apt.

New Yorker

Today I am singing in the Purple Rain.

That is all.



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