It’s not about the end point

Well, it is. And it isn’t…

The goals we make and the life we see for ourselves is only part of the vision. I know I have many ‘ideals’ about where I see my life heading; the type of house I’ll live in (and I really don’t want a huge grand one, in fact unusually for me I dreamed about the kind of house I want to live in last night!); the things we’ll do, places we’ll go and above all how my writing life will pan out, will I win those awards? See my novels made into plays, movies etc.?

The vision is vital of course it is — it directs the focus, but for so many people I know it becomes too much about the vision of what will be that we forget to enjoy the journey — yes I know that sounds cliched, but you know what I mean. The journey, as I talked about yesterday is process.

I was editing a fabulous memoir yesterday that talked about process, to be who you want to be. The book deals with transition and what I loved was when the writer talked about how people around you only want to see the finished product; not so much the work in progress. They used the analogy of listening to someone practise a musical instrument and it made me think of how many writers can’t wait to tell everyone they know about their novel in intimate detail when it’s only a work in progress. We all do if asked; I tend to say it in a sentence or two — the crux of it, but I prefer to only discuss with other writers when it’s about their input, that’s what crit groups are for, right?

So for writers, it’s about a process of shaping and remolding until you reach some kind of end point and we all know that the goal posts shift and editing comes in many layers. Once something’s published I tend to think that’s as good as it gets, now. But you never know if you have entirely put something to bed, right?

But as people we are always works in progress and as I have said before change is life. So process is life as we work on ourselves to be the best versions of us we can be. So if we think only of the vision (and we all know things never quite look how we imagined them to be) we’ll forget to see what is put in front of us. People and things happen because they are meant to and so we need to become more receptive to those things. Positive energy breeds positive energy — the negative saps us, so we need to move on from that.

So people, remember to admire the view; look beyond but focus on the now. And hold in your heart and your mind why you are on this journey. I know why I write: do you know why you do?

I will end with this quote from Henry Miller:

“One’s destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things”

So make the end point not about the material things you’ll find there but about the people and places and the things that happen to you along the way to make you who are.

That is all. Happy Thursday folks 🙂




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