Being all Writerly

I won’t be blogging now until Monday as tomorrow I am off to Salford, Manchester.

I was asked by my lovely business partner and dear friend, Dr. Gill James (Senior Lecturer at Salford) to take part in their YA Writing Conference this weekend: Pushing Boundaries

While I don’t write for young adults, although I have written a number of short stories that would cross over, my work often involves editing for this age group. I will be taking part in a critique session and on a panel, so I hope I have something to offer 😉 I will post an update with photos next week to show you what we all got up to!

The best part is I will get to hang out with writers, educators and all other kinds of literary folk and indulge in my passion … full on. We kick off after some nice uni time with Gill tomorrow afternoon and then a book event (M R Carey) in Waterstones Manchester Friday night. The conference is on Saturday, ending with a nice dinner at Cafe Rouge after what promises to be a full-on day 🙂

I love it when I get to don my writer’s hat like this. I will also be selling my novel should anyone request a copy!

Last night, after a nice dinner with the man (as won’t be seeing him this weekend; think he is looking forward to a free weekend!) I chatted on the phone to the local event organiser for the U3A (University of the Third Age) on Canvey (one of two groups) and I have been booked to talk about the blurred lines between fact and fiction close to the 53rd anniversary of Kennedy’s assassination 🙂 So again, it’s great to be able to talk to people, that one will be more entertaining and less formal than the intricacies of writing, but all fun. November right now seems a long time off, but before we know it you will find my photos and blog post about it on here, no doubt.

I think the thought I will leave you with is this: I sat at conferences many times over the years as I nursed my dream. I went to book events like the one I will be attending at Waterstones, and I dared to dream. I saw myself one day doing just that. And now I am. It would be nice to have another novel out soon and I hope my agent thinks the same way, but yep… I am doing it, it’s part of this wonderful writerly life of mine… and so can you. 

So never give up on the dreams, stay hungry for it, and it will happen.

That is all. I will be up and out earlyish tomorrow morning; with a novel to edit, writing to write and some reading to read on the train. Ooh how exciting. And don’t tell him… but I might just miss the man 😉

Have a great weekend everyone!

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