Be in the Moment

A short and sweet post this morning as I think back to a lovely weekend. I had a special day Saturday just being with my someone and appreciating the times we have.

We sat in a pub drinking coffee (as you do) and talking about how much it means to have someone to spend valuable time with; just to be. No airs, no graces, no pretence, just being ourselves. I am strong and individual and so is he, but together we can be stronger and that’s special.

We also went to see his physio, for hopefully the last session, after months of ongoing treatment following an accident last year and he is the nicest most interesting man, who we have got to know and who says he now sees us as his friends.He’s a Hindu guy and we have had all sorts of fascinating chats that go beyond physio. He left us with a gift of friendship and wisdom. One of the things he said that really stayed with me is that you have to do everything with intensity — as if your life depends on it. He was talking about yoga, about working, about time spent with children and family, about working out, about writing. And I love that. That has been his gift to me; to us. He has many gifts and so do we.  I left him with a copy of my novel.

Cherish those many gifts, tell someone when you appreciate them… and mean it, and do everything with passion and intensity as if your life depends on it. I think I already do.

I didn’t want that day to end, and that’s where we also have to value the time we have. When you don’t have a place of your own (yet, well not one close by) you have to make the most of the time you spend together and look ahead to when you don’t have to keep saying goodbye!

Value everything. Make it all count because you never know what will happen. Yesterday was the first anniversary of our lovely neighbour John’s passing and we have spent a lot of time with his wife this past year. Her journey or slow journey mirrors how I once felt. So now I say take life with both hands and cherish it all. Learn to be in the moment because it’s all that counts… right now make sure you’re doing something you love.

That is all and perhaps not such a short post and one that’s sweet. Savour it.

Be present... be aware of your breathing... be grateful

Be present… be aware of your breathing… be grateful… for everything.


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