Sometimes we just know it. We sense it. We feel we are on the right path.

Nothing comes close to that feeling that no matter what life throws us, we are living as we wanted, we are working towards something and we are happy.

I know some people might think I cannot always be bursting with so much optimism, but I am, truly. Sure life throws things at us all the time and I am not living in that much of a happy bubble I do not see the pain in others or myself or know the terrible things that are happening in the world. It’s just that for most of the time, for most of the people, life is okay. Thankfully. I see a lot of bitterness in people and I see people who strive for goals that are based on ‘things’. You know I gave up a lot of the security that came from a well-paid job in the pharmaceutical industry for an uncertain future as a writer. I wondered if I could really turn what I loved and what was really more of a hobby into a job. It never ceases to amaze me that I did. And that I am still doing it and it’s what I truly love. Financially it does not yet reap the same rewards but as soon as you make the goal just about being happy amazing things start to happen. And there are far greater rewards than the material things.

We are all a work in progress. Our lives are in a state of continual shift and realignment and that’s what makes it interesting and exciting. I remember questioning my decision to move back to a place that does not quite have the aesthetic feel as my spiritual home in North Wales. But something inside me told me that it was where I was meant to be now. That it was time. And by then I felt I was living the dream and I could take that with me wherever I went. And I have. So the island is flat and does not have the same views, but all I have to do for that is close my eyes and I am right there.

Make everything about being happy. In fact you can be happy right now in this moment. It’s as simple as changing the way you think about things. I hope that some of my positivity rubs off on others as I think life is also about the people we share it with. We are not here to walk alone but to be part of something far greater than that. People influence us and we influence them and so long as we add to one another, so we become greater than the parts that make it up then we can find something truly special.

I know life will have other things to throw my way and I know the path will not always be an easy one — but as long as we have each other, as long as we make sure people know how much we love them and  are loved, as long as we try to be the best person we can be, and find that job or that role that gives us the inner peace and happiness we need, we can face anything.

I want to die with dreams still waiting that I am working towards because as soon as we stop looking forward to things, we lose our way. Happiness isn’t a place or a person or a thing, it’s a feeling and it can be all of these things, but it’s really something we have to go within to find.


That is all.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Just be happy 2




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One response to “Destiny

  1. Julie-Ann

    Lovely blog, and you are absolutely right.

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