Make it a habit

A post about making it a habit that starts with an apology! Sorry no post yesterday but was off colour having had what I think was food poisoning on Sunday. Was a fragile thing yesterday but fighting fit today! But in general I blog every week day; that is the promise I made to myself, except for bank holidays or if I’m on holiday or… rare as it is… sick.

Yes I have talked about this before but it’s always good to remind ourselves. Any books on mindset will tell you that the only way to move forwards and progress is to take continual daily action towards your goal. We often see this kind of motivation at the gym and my partner, a fitness instructor and personal trainer, is always saying this to his clients. We have to make those steps we take towards our goals something we do as a habit, not just when then mood or in the writers’ case, the muse takes us.

I learned this a long time ago. I made a bargain with myself that the only way to achieve my goal was to make it happen. To get up every day and sit at the computer and write. When I had the busy day job, then I had to make the time and the only way to do that was to set the alarm for sunrise or often before and get up. Honestly, if you want something enough you do it. My partner is an ex-body building champion; not that I have ever been into that, and it was some time ago, but he talks about a single-minded will to succeed no matter what. Often he now says he doesn’t remember a lot of the time he was in the zone because he was blinkered; it was all that mattered. Even after winning and then travelling around the world, working in gyms, being interviewed, meeting all kinds of people, he said all that really mattered was the training and now he realises what he might have missed, but at the time it’s the only way to succeed. Winners never quit. I like that mindset, because I also apply it to my writing. Actually to anything we want from life; right? I am glad I met him now because while he still trains every day now his focus is on helping others and a more holistic approach to health through his yoga which as he says is less superficial. While I might not be into body building, I do see the same mentality I have that if you want it, you will do whatever it takes.

I applied the same mentality not just to writing and the steps needed to be a better writer, but also to other areas of my life, the gym being one of them of course.

I think if you want it, you will make it happen. There are several writers I know with the same tenacity as me; who said they would never give up, and like me they never did. Of all the writers I have known, these are the ones who are now getting the success they deserve. The ones who made excuses, who never had enough time to write (I’d say never ‘made’ enough time to write), or couldn’t deal with rejection, instead of letting it fuel the drive to learn, got downhearted, those are the ones who gave up. You can’t put time frames on these things; if you want it, you make it happen. If you need to totally rework or relearn, then that’s exactly what you do. Truly. I don’t think anyone gets it without that.

And trust me (someone still with much to learn and still not quite where I need to be yet, hoping the agent comes through for me)… when you do see successes they taste all the sweeter for having had to work for them. When I saw that novel published I cannot tell you how wonderful that felt and I never take it for granted the next one will be published… but I am bloody determined in one way or another, whatever is needed, I will do everything to make sure it is!

So the message folks: no matter what: NEVER. GIVE. UP.

That is all. Have a wonderful day indulging in your daily HABIT. As long as it’s a good one 😉



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