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Well I have returned after a lovely week in Wales at my old house and am fired up and ready to write.

I have so many memories from that house of mine near Llanberis. It all started off so very sad when I lost Lee, the first night we were there (now over ten years ago) but I made good memories in the end. I learned to write seriously and it is the perfect place for that. And I made the very best of friends there. So it was wonderful to go back, catch up, be there. It was also so nice to go there with my new beau and to fill it with laughter and new memories. It all felt natural, it didn’t feel wrong or sad, just a new chapter in this story we write of our own lives. In the words of a Bon Jovi song: This is the story of my life and I write it every day... and that’s what we do, isn’t it.

Who will be with us when we write the last page?

I live in hope now for the future here in Essex although once Wales and that breathtaking landscape is with you it never leaves. I hope someone wants to buy that little house soon; it is now being put back on the market. It’s a lovely house but it feels a little unloved and so I want it to be the home of someone else who can give it the love and care that I can’t now. It will be a little sad when I finally walk away for the last time, but as Bon Jovi also says (why am I quoting him today, I have no idea!) … every new beginning is some beginning’s end.

One chapter must close for the next to begin.

So I will leave you with a few pics as I reflect on what was and look forward to what will be…




Me at Blue Sky Cafe, Bangor where we have had book events and met many times with writers


The standing stones by Bangor Pier



The stunning Llanberis Pass in the snow March 4th 2016






My little house


My cottage garden


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