Play along at home

I had an amazing weekend and managed to do some work as well as having lots of fun! I start the week feeling totally thankful. How much my life has changed and how truly grateful I am for the new people in it now.

I dreamed last night that I heard something about the new novel, Chutney: I hope it means something good! It wasn’t in the dream which might be my subconscious and it means the opposite.

And now I am up and writing, ready to embrace the week. I plan to write a bit of Dotty before I finish my edit that I will make sure is done by tonight!

There will no more blog posts this week since I have a very long day tomorrow; we drive to Wales after my other half teaches yoga, so not until after 7pm, hopefully it means clear roads as we set off on our adventure. I will write this morning but not so early tomorrow as I need to keep awake for my  driver tomorrow night! I can’t nod off while he does all the work; he might nod off too! I will have no wi-fi in my house in Wales so I  will be signing off and surrendering to the fun and the peace.

So all that remains is for me to say have a great week everyone and I will leave you with the writing prompt I set Canvey Writers (a theme those who know me from Bangor Writers might recognise, as it became a kind of recurring theme at one point, well we kept seeing said item!). Write a poem and/or short story that is 500 words or less called The Black Glove.

Feel inspired?

Have a wonderful week; I will report back from beautiful Wales next week! Don’t you just love an adventure!

be happy now


Ooh I love a new week, all shiny and waiting to be lived… you with me on that?

Go have your own adventure!


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