Send Me Someone

I do plan to talk about this again, but I wanted to share a moment. When I was in LA at the Memoir Writing Conference, I met a wonderful lady and her husband; her name was Diana Von Welanetz Wentworth.  She was the keynote speaker on the last day. What she said about her memoir Send Me Someone, resonated. Deeply. She had lost her first husband of twenty-five years to cancer and in some of their last days when she said: I will never find anyone like you he told her she would, she must (Lee said the very same thing to me) so she asked him: “Send me someone.”

I knew her story would connect and it has; on many more profound levels than I thought. I started reading it before Christmas, but had so many other books to read it has sat by my bed to dip into but now I am drawn to it. I am drawn to it in a must read this, devour it now kind of way, perhaps because I’m ready. There is a lot about intuition in her book and right timing. Now I have almost finished it. It’s one of those books I don’t want to finish though. I plan to post a review and contact her again. She also has a copy of my novel as it happens. Although I doubt she will remember me. But… she had no copies of her book there (it’s been out a while now, 2003) but she did have a copy in her car she said, and, lovely as she is, she said why not buy it paperback and cheaper on Amazon? But I wanted her to sign it for me; I just felt that was important. And so I followed her and her now husband Ted (also a writer and I want his book too as its message was so pertinent personally at the time we met as I will later share)… so yes, I followed them (not in stalking way you understand) to the parking lot of LA Valley College. It was the last moment of the conference, so kind of sad, and there we stood as she kindly signed me that last copy she had, hardback and I think, for its resounding message of hope I will leave it by my bedside even when I finish it this weekend.

This is the book by the way: LINK

But what it has made me think as I read, with many similarities to my own story, and the happy ending because he did send her someone (I will talk about that in the review) was what I would call my story. If I was to write my love story what would I say? Lee sent me someone?

I like to think Lee did send me someone; I think he probably tried before but I wasn’t ready or I wasn’t listening maybe. But I think he had to be involved because he sent me  someone so kind and so everything I needed. I just didn’t know it. It has taken some adjusting to that notion. I was really happy on my own, just me and my writing, and I always said and do feel I can be me on my own, but then little pieces of you starts to change.




And you come to a point when you don’t want to go back.

No one knows what will happen next, and not wishing to sound oversentimental, but my new someone said something to me when we first got together, and it was a little shaky for me initially letting someone into that space. He said, Love will save me. He meant him, he’d also been alone for a long time. I never forgot what he said. So now I wonder…

I did not think I needed saving from anything, I loved my life, I still love it… but now I realise maybe. Maybe he was right. Maybe I needed to share it with someone? Maybe all I really needed was saving right back. Now I think about the ending of Pretty Woman. I love that film. I am sure you know the scene.

Maybe love will save us all and so if I was ever to write my story, as the lovely Diana has done so eloquently, maybe that’s what I will call it: Love Will Save Me.

And maybe it has.

Have a great weekend folks, whatever you do. 

Send me someone

Great book!


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