Being a Writer, Feeling Appreciated

When I give talks the intention is always that they will inspire others and that was most certainly the intention yesterday when I was invited to talk to a local group, a social club for more the older person and no doubt people with their own stories to tell. There were a few people there sadly, as warned a lot of people talking during my talk and my readings. I had been warned and I had made it as snappy and to the point as possible. I kept the readings short and I tried to involve people by asking questions, I tried to make it fun.

I enjoyed it but not so sure about the people listening although many did smile and acknowledge. I was paid (and a lot of writers do these events for free) and I did sell a book. But it’s sad when you have to talk above the audience. But like the pro, I did it anyway. But this is one of the reasons I do not do that many such events. I don’t think people appreciate the hard work you put into something like that. My message was clear, dreams come true; it’s never too late. I can but hope I reached someone.

Here are some pics!

Being a writer 1

The obligatory ‘selfie’ shot

Being a writer 2


The people

Being a writer 3

More of the people!


The writer pose


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One response to “Being a Writer, Feeling Appreciated

  1. You look lovely and glam in those bracelets and what a hair colour. I’ve got a library talk coming up soon. Not a thing I normally do, but to promote my book and writing in general. We have to do these things to promote and I’m hoping that my enthusiasm shows as well as yours, Debz:))

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