The Message

I ask my clients I lot to make sure when they write that they know what they want to say. It might sound strange because they will tell you of course they know what they want to say; they just emailed you their 100,000 word novel. The truth is they do know what they want to say, but they don’t always know it; so perhaps the question then should be why do you want to say it? And can you sum up in a sentence, no more than three what your book says.If they can’t then they don’t know what they want to say, right? And they need to.

So this is where we need to stop and think. We write for a reason. and it’s not just to tell a story — it’s to tell a story that connects, that changes thinking in another person (if only in the smallest way). I see writing as making observations about life, some tiny, some huge, but each one carries the power to make us all see the world a little bit differently.

So what do you want to say and what message do you want to leave your readers with?

Today I am giving on talk locally to a group of older people with varied interests –not writers so the emphasis will be more on the love of reading, and this strange but beautiful job of mine as a writer. I will talk about goals, of knowing what you want as a child and the power that comes from making those dreams happen. I am telling them my story, and it has a happy ending, but a lot of ups and downs to get there. And an empowering message, I hope. That is what I want to leave them with.

So, I’ll talk about my own journey and will read some work along the way, ending with an extract from While No One Was Watching. If they take nothing else home from this short talk I hope it’s this, this is my message: if you want something, really want something, then make it happen and make it start to happen now. You’re never too old. A life is not built on wishes, and I would like, one day I might… it’s built on what you do, not what you say you want to do. Saying it is the start, doing it is everything.

There ends my positive message of the day folks!

Have a great one, whatever you do.

But keep making it happen 🙂

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