You have to believe

You can set yourself all kinds of goals; you can tell yourself you have to work to a certain word count if you write (I don’t think that approach works for me) or get to the end of a certain project in a specified time, I write for a given time slot; show up at the same time every day and just do it; and then have lists of editing work and emails that need to be sent. I aim to get to a certain page before I can finish and that is why I worked till 10pm last night as I am snowed! Then there are the bigger goals; perhaps the ones the smaller goals direct towards are a part of — but trust me, nothing succeeds unless you hold in your heart the belief that it will.

So try this today; first of all have a wouldn’t it be wonderful if moment. I decided it would be connected to my novel Chutney and so am holding that thought firmly in my mind. I truly believe that something positive connected to that will happen. Sometimes the universe has its own time frames, but if you believe, then it will happen.

That is all, happy Tuesday!

believe 8


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