Those little gems…

Just a short post and to say hi and welcome to a fabulous new week.

I have had a busy weekend and was working all day yesterday. Whenever I make plans to go away, and I am away for three days next week when we go to Wales, work tumbles in! I love it, but it seems to always happen.

So today I thought I would talk, random as this seems, about sentence spacing. How many spaces do you leave between sentences? It used to be that we left two and, by that, I mean with the old-fashioned typewriter we pressed return twice. Why? Because the words were not so neatly spaced as they are in Word or other software and so it looked better. But these days the programs are designed for optimal spacing and a single space between sentences is preferred. I know in some kinds of documents people still prefer two, but you don’t need to. What niggles me is when I am editing a manuscript that uses 1, 2 even 3 spaces and is not consistent. You can set Word to show these, as well as when there is no space, and I do. But correcting standard spacing to a whole document that is like this is a real pain and doing it manually jars in the end. There are a couple of ways to fix this, some say to use Find and Replace by typing two spaces or a full stop and two spaces and replace with one space or full stop one space but this never works for me. And what about when there are more than two? Do it for three as well.

I found a fix that gets almost all of them, and I say almost because you do see one or two as you edit, and that’s this… in Find and Replace go to ‘more’ and tick next to ‘use wildcards’. Now type in Find: a space followed by {2,10} — note that this looks for spaces from 2 to 10, 10 is probably too much, who leaves 10? well, it covers all bases.Don’t forget the space or it flags an error.  In Replace type a single space only. Then Replace all  and it should fix the issue through the whole document. I love it and it seems to work. There is another one I found with ^p or some such but I couldn’t get it to work this time, I might not have remembered it right, but this little gem does work.

That is all, word geeks! Oh wait, that’s me isn’t it!

Have a productive day and, above all, BE HAPPY all day!


Yeah, Baby…


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