Our Words

It’s our words that matter.

People do all sorts of day jobs and make differences to the world in all kinds of ways, for the writer it is about the words. Hence my mission statement to change the world one word at a time. Egotistical? Maybe a little but we all need to define ourselves and our role; just as we need sometimes to redefine ourselves. Life is a shifting thing and we change in order to grow.

We live an odd reality when we are writers; we seek pleasure in the creation and then the molding of this thing we made from nothing. We immerse ourselves in the lives of people and animals in places we might invent, but as we get to know them the people become real and they count.

It’s our words that matter.

We can live with characters for so long it can feel sad letting them go into the world and we can but hope the world loves them as much as we do. I felt that way about Lydia more than anyone in While No One Was Watching.

It’s important to connect to other writers, something that I felt yesterday when I had a mentoring session with a new client who had been writing short stories in isolation, never realising how good she was. It’s not the first time this has happened. So my role becomes one where I encourage her to share her words; not to be afraid.

With someone else who understands this odd obsession of ours, we can learn and we can grow together, we can connect with our words. So if writing for a living or even a hobby it does not need to be isolating.

It’s our words that matter. ALWAYS.

words have power



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