For the Love of Everything

I do everything on full.

I work hard and always make sure I go the extra mile. I can give nothing less than 100%.

I work out hard and with a smile: I get results.

I write hard and with passion, 100% commitment to the dream. I am having success.

I hope I am the very best friend I can be; I certainly strive to be. I always treat people the way I would like to be treated and no matter how busy make the time for them.

I love hard and with intensity: be that friends, my beautiful pets, my family or my man.

I love everything.

I have often described myself as all or nothing and to me life is about filling it with the things and people and animals you love. This is it, so no second bests. Make everything count. You don’t need a special day to say I love you, right?

Passion is that all-consuming love and I like to think that it is the motto of my life. I always had bigger dreams than the day job and so my passion allowed me to live the dream. And now I am. Truly.

LIVE and LOVE every day, even on the bad ones.

Many many Valentine’s Days have been and gone in my life and they mean little, because you do not need a special day for love or passion. You don’t need the commercialism of it all to tell someone you love and validate them in your life. Or to declare you love what you do, I tell people I love my job most days! I have been on my own for so long and so many times in my life I used the day simply to express my love for life, for family, for friends and my adorable pets! Last year I painted a little heart in make-up on my cheek where the tears go to show I had loved and lost. I thought wouldn’t it be good to get people doing that, wear your heart on your cheek  in honour of someone you love who is no longer with us. Not just a lover, anyone you loved, even a pet. Wear it for the day, give the money to suitable charity. I made a donation to  a cancer charity in honour of Lee last year. If you do something like this, post your photo on Facebook. I even thought about making a page for it, a Wear Your Heart On Your Cheek page.

This year how things change, well only some of them, I still love life with the same energy and passion. But this year I will actually be doing something, going away with the man and making this a romantic valentine’s weekend. Usually it’s just a normal day.  I had a wouldn’t it be nice to moment and then made it happen.

But really, no matter what day it is, whether you’re single or not, make sure those you love know it. EVERY DAY.

And make sure you do something you LOVE, and I mean truly love EVERY SINGLE DAY.

That is all! Have a great weekend everyone!

Be in love with your life


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