Finding Yourself

Sometimes I worry that these days I am juggling lots of things. I am writing, then at the gym, then writing, then editing, then seeing the man, then editing some more and my weekends are now filled with fun things and sometimes more than just one day off.

And then I think: isn’t it better to have a full life?

In Wales I did have a full life and have lots of writing friends, but I know this move was the right thing to do and it seems as if my circle of friends is expanding all the time.

My focus is still very much on my writing, and the new book and hoping for more successes, but there does appear to be more balance and a shift to other areas of my life as well.

I am looking forward to returning to my house in Wales with the man in a few weeks’ time and finally getting it sold, so I can look at renting (maybe initially) and then buying a property back here. So I have been thinking a lot about my little house this week. I have been thinking about the life we plan out for ourselves and how things change.

Happiness comes in many forms and all I say is grab it and live life. Make everything count and you know what, sometimes change is the thing we need, but didn’t always realise it.

Keep moving in a positive direction and most of all… just be happy.

That is it! I think I should have those words on a T-shirt as well: JUST BE HAPPY.

Just Be Happy




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2 responses to “Finding Yourself

  1. Life is too short to be unhappy. Have a great day, Debz

  2. Have a lovely writi g working fun filled day. I love reading yourposts, Debz

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