Pinching and Punching into a new month

So Monday morning, a new month, a chance to take stock and to check those goals are all on track, right?

I am a month into the new novel with a few little setbacks but while no a lot is written, a lot of notes have been made and it now knows where’s it heading. I am also trying to step up the reading as it was slipping a little, long days and falling into bed, so now I need to find that extra hour which I will. I must.

So a simple affirming message for you this morning.  Last night, after a great weekend Mal and I watched a DVD that was passed on from his physio, yoga-based and we listened carefully to the message, even did the meditation. Not as relaxing with a bouncy little dog pouncing on you, so we did again without her! And a candle burning. Anyway, the message was this, life is fragile, life is robust. Opposites at the same time, which is true. And that the only difference between being here and being gone is a single breath. Breath is everything. So make it count.

Breathe in the goodness that is your life. Be grateful for all that you have. Breathe out anything you don’t want to hold onto.

Have a great Monday everyone.

yoga breathe


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