It’s Friday again!

Apologies for the lack of blog posts this week, unusual for me as you know, but then it is also unusual for me to succumb to the lurgy and this week sadly I did! There is a lot of it about and so I even had to miss the gym, and working on the new novel 😦 I did manage to edit in the afternoons thankfully although it has put me a few days behind. I have some work to do Monday that was supposed to be done today, and then some other things, so my next edit is shunted further into next week, oh the fun of working for yourself! Never mind, what can you do? I am in such demand!!!

I have to say it has been a busy old time and I hate when something stops me writing, but sometimes the rest is what the body needs.

The good news is I am ready for the gym this morning and a fun weekend with the man, so all back on schedule and normal working service will be resumed next week.

I hope everyone is okay out there and I look forward to blogging and getting on with the new novel again next week!

Have a great weekend everyone, whatever you do!

great weekend all


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