Make It Happen!

If there is a single anthem of my life; if there is a single message that I think personifies my personal philosophy; if there is a logo, a banner that should follow me around it’s this: make it happen. 

Empower yourself by making the choices that will allow your dream to come true.

I have always been this way about everything and none more so than when I realised one day, maybe as a teenager, that people rarely do what they say they will. We say we must get together again soon and another year passes. That’s why I tend to arrange it there and then so that doesn’t happen. So it’s the smaller things as well as the big dreams. Before you know it life has passed you by and you never did do it.

It’s not about resolutions on New Year, it’s about a way of thinking about everything. I applied it to getting into vet school, surviving illness, coping when the love of my life passed. And most of all to the writing dream. It has been over two years since the first novel was out, and I have submitted two novels in varying stages of completion to my agent and now she is looking at Chutney. I want to make that happen. So I will do whatever it takes, but it’s down to me and maybe a sprinkling of luck, right time, right place.

While I believe in the Law of Attraction and The Secret I also know that doesn’t mean all good things will just like… fall on your head. You have to listen to that inner voice and … make it happen.

So are you with me?

I set up a Facebook page called just that, although the exact name was taken so it’s Make It Happen Now and I think this needs to be how we live our lives, whatever your goal or mission.

Come on over and LIKE the page and share your own personal journey of success. Start by stating your dream and then give us progress reports. All positive things.

I hope to have some mouse mats, mugs and even T-shirts printed at some point as well, available from the site: it’s the Make It Happen movement and so let’s see how far we can take it.

Here’s the link: let’s see how many LIKES we can get today! When you click to LIKE the page then can I ask you to please share it on your timeline and encourage others to do the same.

Go on, what are you waiting for?

Make It Happen

Happy Monday and BELIEVE.

make it happen 2


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