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I don’t know if anyone else here in the UK saw it but there was an amazing programme of BBC 4 last night about the brain and our individual perception of reality. Some truly fascinating stuff and I can’t wait for next week. It’s on at 9 pm. As a scientist  I always love programmes like this, but also as a writer. One of the things I love to do and have talked about on here is change how we see things or experience things. So it’s great to bring a new and interesting perspective on the world. That is how I see my role as a writer. So I love being able to take a character like Lydia, the psychic in While No One Was Watching, and allow her to see and experience the world through flashes of vision, precognition, clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience.

It’s about tapping to something else, and use of first-person for Lydia (although third-person can still be that subjective if done well) really allows the reader to see, feel, hear, taste, think and feel as her.

In another story I explored synaesthesia which is something they covered on the programme last night, it’s seeing or hearing or feeling colours associated with the wrong sense. I had a character in Chutney, now edited out for something else, who was blind but able to feel colour and so knew what mood something was, although he was able to extend this to inanimate objects like art.

I also like to take things that are abstract like a thought, a wish, a memory and make it into something tangible that the reader can hold in their hand.

When you start to think in new and interesting ways the world starts to open up to you in new and interesting ways.

That is all. Have a wonderful weekend everyone, whatever you.

I am lining up some In the Spotlights so if you’re an author and want to tell me about your journey and latest published work then please do get in touch.

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