When the Stars Align

Yesterday I talked about being in the right place and doing the right thing, or as The Secret calls it: buzzing at the right frequency. And it got me thinking. Something often happens when we become aware of it, like the orange car phenomenon. You only see them when you think about it, does that make sense to you? It’s like you decide to buy one (and no I am not, I don’t even drive!) and then all of a sudden you can’t stop seeing them. This makes me think about how we perceive things and if that’s what life really is.

You see the glass half empty, I see it overflowing down the sides. I embrace change while others fear it. I see signs that a passed loved one is around me, a trail of white feathers; you see a dead dove.

Everything is about perception and so the scientist in me looks for the rational but at the same time I like to add that dash of magic. I want to see things as special, as signs and I had an amazing example of this when I went to see my famous clairvoyant friend recently. It happened when a message, that someone else felt was for them, had so many things in it that seemed right for me. At the end this was so much so (that they could not relate to) it had to be for me. So I have decided it was and it was the perfect message for me at the perfect time. If it’s just how I choose to perceive it I will take that too because isn’t all of life like that?

I met someone at the LA Writers’ Conference, a key-note speaker who I found truly inspirational and her book Send me Someone is on my nightstand at the moment. Its message is so pertinent to me and so I had to talk to her after, I will review it here when I finish it. But I felt very strongly that I was supposed to be there and meet her and intend to contact her as well and see if she is prepared to be In The Spotlight here.

Some might see this as just something that happens in life and that all of it is random, but me, I see it as intended.

I think we have to look for signs that we are in the right place and doing the right thing and like orange cars, I see them the more I look. Am I fooling myself or is it real? Well again, if life is this mysterious journey and it’s all about what we make it, I would rather look for the magic. What about you?

I had some more examples of this, this week. I often find while researching and plotting a new novel or story that the planets and stars align and I find myself accidentally clicking links and finding the perfect book to answer my question or steer my story. Does this happen to you? Or you see something on the news and it leads to the answer you were seeking? It’s happening again as the new novel finds itself entering UFO territory, which seems odd but since an alien was found in Battersea Park the day our homeless man in the story died which eclipsed his story, it has become very relevant. How does my mind work you all ask!!!! I now have seen so many links and taken wrong turns online to the books and information I need.

So all I want to say, on this gloriously cold Wednesday morning, is whatever you believe, life is always better with a sprinkling of fairy dust.

fairy dust 2

Sprinkle some magic today…


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