A New Week

People make resolutions with themselves at the start of the new year; they value the new pages of a calendar and the blank pages in a diary as permission to start over and  clean the slates. In the past I was the same (to some extent anyway) and I still think of the new year as an exciting system restore back to default settings, so I get it. But I also know that by now, and this is often cited as the most depressing Monday of the year (urghI hate that tag) that people quickly slip into old habits and resolutions are put back in the box for another year.

I am so blessed that I have the kind of never give up, make changes and stick to them attitude in my life and I think I always have. It made me get through so many things, trust me. I guess the only thing I really failed on was the getting thin, getting fit one, mind you, until I joined the gym and never looked back. I did decide to be a writer and that I would never give up on that some time ago, not just as a New Year’s resolution though and …  I have never given up and nor will I. Sure, I know the value of the restore button to reset and refocus dreams so I see new years as more that than anything else.

So let’s all make this week another amazing one, whatever you do. Don’t fail when you have dreams. Go to bed with a dream in your heart and move closer to what you want.

I had a fabulous weekend with the family celebrating birthdays, and making more delicious plans for this year. I was thinking about my amazing friends, in particular the writerly ones. There was a time when all I ever seemed to do was have writerly friends and live and breathe writing. Nothing else. Sometimes that is still true and I would not want that to change, but the difference now is I also have more balance, that seems to be something I did not know was missing until… I found it. Well who knew? Now I have a relationship and plans unconnected to writing I can see it more and more! He is not a reader of fiction although he reads all the time. It might seem odd in some ways to me that he isn’t likely to talk lit theory or story arcs to me… but then I thought, thank God. There has to be balance and contrast, opposites attract to coin the cliché. And now I am finding the balance I am finding a new part of me.

So this is a year when I hope above all else to find success and a publisher for the next novel, via my lovely agent, but also one when I get to see how happiness comes in many forms and from many sources and just maybe with the balance right I can be EVEN happier than I already am! Wow!

Love what you do, make everything count. Never give up on you… and forget depressing Mondays, this is gonna be amazing, right?

Take time



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One response to “A New Week

  1. I love the thought of always moving forward. As a child I would sit for hours beside the river wondering about its journey towards the sea. It was always moving forward no matter what obstacles are put in its way. Sadly when it’s flood water we can see how much damage is done, but at least it help us to understand its drive.
    As I start my next project I want to feel that unstoppable force too, just to see where my writing journey takes me.
    Have a great day, and best wishes with everything, Debz.

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