Just do it

A phrase that was used by a friend at the gym recently was: don’t think about it, just do it. I like that. I like that a lot because we all tend to over think things. As soon as you have to think about something and make something of it, procrastination sets in.  It makes the things that we need to do much harder, so in life, just show up, do it.

Writing is a way of life for me and I don’t feel happy if I am not working hard and writing; creating something new. It’s not about thinking about it; it’s about just doing it. I realise I apply the same philosophy to all areas of my life. That said lately with having to juggle a few extra things and find the balance in my life, I seem as if sometimes I am chasing my own tail. I made a promise to myself to make everything count, and so to make every day have the meaning it needs. I feel very blessed to be able to do what I love every day, and I make challenging demands on myself sometimes, and commitments that place a strain and sometimes I do feel as if all I want to do is have a duvet day. And sometimes you know, it’s okay to do that. In the same way I need to have the occasional rest day from the gym, like at the weekends, to allow my body to restore and heal, the same applies to the writing muscle.

What I have learned is always to work hard, to be true to yourself and to be the best you can be. But take care of yourself at the same time. If you pass this way only once (and that is something none of us know for sure) then do it with style, with gratitude and with excitement.

As the advert says: be more dog! Live in the moment, because now is all you have.

Happy Writing Folks!

time to write



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3 responses to “Just do it

  1. JFDI – The JDI stands for Just Do It. The F is an exhortation to greater urgency used in the wonderful construction industry in which I work. An expletive to be deleted in more polite circles

    • Ha ha ha, that made me chuckle, David! I must ask my husband if he uses that phrase at work when motivating his team… they are not a construction site, but they are a waste treatment facility 😉

  2. So true Debz! I’m guilty of over-thinking and then procrastinating – and my mantra has been Just Do It as well…. but I need to remember to say it more often! Also need to take more care of myself – sometimes if I’m “on a roll”, I keep going and going thinking I’m being productive – and then suddenly my brain freezes and I realise I need to get out of that chair and exercise!

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