I celebrate everything. I wake up and I celebrate life!

I go to bed grateful for my life. Truly.

I celebrate successes and I celebrate friends. I think life is a gift and while it can be really hard there is always something to celebrate. When friends have special days I like to celebrate those with them, because we are all special.

This weekend I celebrate my birthday and in style as my lovely new man has treated me to a hotel in London, get me! So after he teaches his yoga class tomorrow off we go, shopping in the arty Camden town and exploring all the boutiques and trendy shops and market.

So listen up people, I know life might be tough for some of you and I know it’s easy for me to say just enjoy it, but if you can please make the most of everything and celebrate those people and pets and events in your life. This is it, so make the most of all of it!

That is all!


Happy weekend!

celebrate good times


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