Be excited every day

It’s a simple sweet and important message for us all. I truly believe that making plans, however big or small those may be, is the key to a healthy attitude and a healthy life.

I feel blessed with the life I have and the ability to look ahead and dream BIG. I think it has always been in me, even from a child and I have managed to keep that alive even when life was dark. I think the only time in my life I didn’t feel that buzz of excitement about life was in those painful months, years even, after Lee died. But even then I worked on that very first novel to its completion. In fact that’s how writing became my saviour.

Today I celebrate life for its ups and downs but for most of the people, most of the time, it’s okay, right? It’s all about the ups and even in the troughs, we lift our heads and peer over, we stay focussed on what will be and what we have; not what we don’t have.

That is all. Have a wonderful day!




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One response to “Be excited every day

  1. Paul Bradley

    I agree there is much to be thankful for and life would not be as interesting or character forming without a few ups and downs.

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