Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Well hello everyone! I am back at my desk and raring to go, although I did squeeze in an edit between Christmas and New Year.

I hope everyone enjoyed a peaceful and fun Christmas and are looking forward to fulfilling those writing dreams this year. I know I am. It’s been more than two years since While No One Was Watching came out and although my agent has looked at two other novels (both American) she now has the British one and I hope with all my being she loves it enough to take that one forward. I have everything crossed. Today, after much thought, I am starting a brand new British one, that is still taking shape in my mind.

Don’t know about you but I love the crispness of blank pages in a diary and unwritten chapters begging to be given life. There is something powerful about new years. Many see them as places to start over, a way of restoring the default. Many start out with good intentions but a week in and many of those fall to the kerb. I am what you call a ‘doer’ and I do it. If I say I will, I will, and so I don’t need resolutions made on one night of the year. I always set goals and work towards them and I have to say it is a very rewarding way to live my life.

Next week I am will be blogging about my new mentoring ideas for writers, looking for a small number of writers who really want to make this the year when things happen. I like the idea of taking a group of 6 of you forwards, supporting one another too. A small writing programme for writers already some way into writing but needing guidance. I will be refining the details soon of how it will work. but if you think this might be something for you then please do get in touch in the meantime.


I will also be bringing back Fiction Clinic on the last Friday of each month but this time I will be answering specific questions as well as critiquing small stories if you want some advice. If you have any burning questions then please send them in and it might be a bit of a writing agony aunt series.

I am also bringing back In The Spotlight so if you want to be a guest, have a book to plug then please do get in touch. I have one lined up for next week!


I want this blog to be helpful to all and make it more interactive so please also send suggestions for what you might like to see here!

So look forward and start each day with something to look forward to, it’s very important. Are you ready?

Embracing change


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One response to “Looking Back, Looking Ahead

  1. Great to have you back, Debz. At the moment, l’m rewriting my last chapter to make sure my novel has a satisfying ending. Having read a review for a book on Amazon which said ‘love the beginning but the ending let it down’ it made me nervous about my first novel. I understand what the reviewer was saying as l have read books myself where the beginning has hooked you but the ending has left you cold.
    Have a great day, Debz.

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