Too Busy for Blogs?

There was no blog yesterday as I had no internet for two days! What do we do without it these days? Write maybe? Wrap Christmas gifts?

The last post for a few days will be tomorrow as we let Christmas into our house or whatever festival you celebrate! I have an edit I want to finish on a novel before I give in to Christmas… so  final post in the morning before I work on it.

All I want to say today is:  remember Christmas is about spending time with those you love, about looking back and about looking forward. Some chairs are empty this year and some aren’t anymore. Don’t make this time about commercialism, or greed or arguing over who watches what… enjoy this. See it as a time to reset things and remember what counts. The people here this year, might not always be here for Christmas… appreciate. 

That is all.
keep calm 2



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One response to “Too Busy for Blogs?

  1. Have a wonderful Christmas, Debz. Best wishes to all your family. Look forward to seeing you all in the new year.

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