Celebrating Canvey Writers

Well one year ago there was no Canvey Writers so I decided to start an evening writing group… and how proud I am to be part of what we created! So here we all were celebrating our first Christmas together as a writing group last night and what a lovely evening it was! I now need to stop eating for a bit me thinks!

Here are some photos!


Paul, Jim, his wife, Jan and Peter… and the back of Alan and Vicky!


Dad in his orange hat, Mum next to him, Rose and the other side we have the back of Julie… and the smiling faces of Bob and Linda!


The Lovely Anastasia


The Festive Peter!



Rose, Mum, Dad, Peter’s wife, and opposite Linda, Bob and Julie (her husband was hiding I think!)


Peter, Jan, Jim and his wife, and opposite we have Amber, Gini and Vicky!


Alan, Vicky, Tina and Paul!


Not the best photos but a good turn out! And no pics of me, thankfully!


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One response to “Celebrating Canvey Writers

  1. It has been a wonderful year for you, Debz. Hope next year will be better still. Have an amazing Christmas and hope to get together soon in the New Year, 🍷❤️😉

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