University of the Third Age

I will be brief this morning and will resume memoir posts next week, but I am looking forward to an event this afternoon, aptly named Afternoon Tea With The Wyatts. It’s organised by the University of the Third age (U3A) in Rayleigh, Essex (close to where I live)  and is ticketed to members. My dad, my brother and I have been invited to each hold a session when we will talk about our lives in publishing. Dad, as some of you know, has worked for IPC on comics like 2000 AD as well as being a Walt Disney artist so Mickey Mouse comic amongst others. He also co-created the BBC Poddington Peas. Website LINK.

My brother is also Disney-trained, but he does other kinds of art now mostly and you find him on Facebook here: LINK. He does the SeaQuest books that are hugely popular.

And then there’s me, I write things. As you know!

So I have a Powerpoint and some readings lined up from the first thing I ever had published (Jigsaw), my winning Bath short story and we will end with Lydia from While No One Was Watching.

So I will report back about it all next week. I now need to go over my talk again…

Did I mention how much I love my writerly life?

Have a good weekend everyone!

WyattsAfternoon tea anyone?


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