Just Be Happy

A little deviation from the memoir series (there are still a couple of posts to come including all-time favourite memoirs and screen adaptations), but I just wanted to send out some positivity this morning.

In a world where we get far too little positivity these days I think I still live inside my protective bubble but it’s impossible to ignore the terrible things happening in the world right now. But we must try to get on with our lives. For me this time of year is one that makes me think of Christmas and as the nights draw in of getting cosy. I know for too many this is not even something they can think about, so we must, above all, count our blessings. We must appreciate what we have and make those we love know it.

When you stand back from something and get perspective it makes us realise how trivial many of our everyday problems really are, well for most of us, most of the time, right? It makes my tough week last week seem so small and yet at the time it wasn’t.

So just love one another, okay. Tell people you love just how much you do, don’t waste energy with something you know is wrong, and look ahead. Because if there is a single message for the world right now it’s this: BE HAPPY.

Thanks for listening…

Happiness today



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2 responses to “Just Be Happy

  1. Thanks for your unfailingly positive take.

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