The meaning behind the story…

I will continue with my memoir series proper next week as something happened this week that made me think about the stories we are writing of our lives every day and the wonderful people we meet. So some of this does tie into themes and the stories we tell … so I wanted to share.

I know I have a very positive outlook and I need people like that around me; to grow. But I also know that not everyone is like me. I also know that life damages us and changes us and I can count my blessings that I am the way I am. I put it down to inner strength,  tenacity, some genetics and having above all love and support. Always. I have a special family and the best of friends. But I have seen recently, up close, what can happen when  someone does not have that, and how much it can break someone inside so the past continues to damage, long after something happened. We can’t control some of the things that happen or know the effects they will have on us in the long term. But I have also learned that sometimes you have to stand back and offer love in a different way. We can’t fix everything. All we can do is show people that with love, in whatever form that has to take, it can heal.

Look around you at the people in your lives because you never know what they might be battling. If you can see it’s easier to deal with, if you can’t then at least show love and compassion, even if you can’t understand it.

I will leave you with this…

ChangeMake every moment count and do not live in regret… I regret nothing

Have a nice weekend everyone.



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2 responses to “The meaning behind the story…

  1. You are one of those people who has changed my life for the better. I reached a very dark place in my life, and a man came along just when l needed someone to show that the world can be a wonderful place if you surround yourself with positive people. My dear friend Ana was the second, she showed me that even though we are very different we are also very much alike. You have given me the ability to believe in the impossible and shown me that l can be all l thought l could be with my writing. Thank you, you a special person in my life. 🌟

    • That’s a lovely response, Paula. Thank you so much. I think we all change people’s lives in one way or the other and it’s recognising that and actually saying it and appreciating someone that makes all the difference. Truly. Thank you for being someone special in my life too… and we must get together soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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