When Stories Come

Later this week I will be blogging about my experiences at the LA conference but sometimes things are closer to home. Stories come to you from all kinds of places and I believe the role of the writer is to listen, to look, to see. The stories will come to you if you let them.

Jan my lovely friend in Van Nuys works in real estate, but not just selling houses for people, she is an expert in bankruptcy law and she is involved in selling houses when sadly, for whatever reason, the house is being repossessed. So when I shadowed her during my vacation I got to see glimpses of people’s stories and some really stayed with me. The notion that really stuck was this idea of buying the American dream and yet really in most cases it really is only borrowing it, and sometimes not for long. This has inspired a series of shorts set in LA and tied to that theme and in fact I almost see them as plays, so I intend to do some screenwriting next year to develop another avenue of my work.

Stories are about us all the time; everyone has a story. So when you’re struggling to seek something new, open you eyes and look around you.

That is all for this morning. Have a great day. I am looking forward to the meeting of Canvey Writers this evening.


Own the dream, don’t borrow it…


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