The same the world over

I will keep this short and sweet this morning as I got up later, it’s a struggle after the first full day back at work so I snoozed a little longer. But I did have a productive day yesterday. I just thought, ahead of my review of the West Coast Writers’ Conference next week, I would say how reassuring it was to find we writers are the same the world over.

The conference was more a networking thing for me than anything else and while I attended the many fab talks, a lot of it was confirmation of the exact same things I say to all of my clients and that’s when it feels like a confirmation. Writers are the same everywhere and they all hold the same dream. Editors, agents, publishers and ‘critters’ like me offer the same advice. So while I did try to pick up new pearls of wisdom, it pretty much proved that what I say to writers is the same thing they all say.

I did pick up some books as well, some memoirs which was the emphasis of the conference but also a great book on handling the press when the big time hits by someone who has interviewed 160,000 celebs! And also one about proof reading for the US market which I thought might be useful to add to to my toolbox. I loved the talks I took on screenwriting and the plan is not to take a screenwriting course soon as I would love to turn my hand to that and I am always itching to learn new things.

So next week I will talk to you about the some of the guests at the conference and what we did as I hope this will be helpful to many of you. I have also been asked to be a speaker at one of these and all being well I would love to do that next year, so watch this space.

Okay so itching to get back on with the new short story I started writing yesterday, so all that remains is to say have a fabulous weekend and see you Monday! Oh and I had some good news about one of my short stories yesterday that goes live later so I will post on here Monday about that too! Whoop!

student-writing-clip-art-153221The girl is back in the zone…


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