That Writing Feeling…

So the holiday has been and gone but the memories of it are not forgotten! I had a blast, time away just chilling out in the company of good friends and there is nothing finer.

Yesterday I had a final day to recover from the virtually non-existent jet-lag 🙂 and spent some quality time with Mal catching up, the new man in my life for those who missed that piece of news. It was a perfect last day to a great vacation and this morning I am up early and ready to write. I had some great ideas come to me while I was learning all about bankruptcy real estate with Jan my friend in LA as I shadowed her for fun! So I might get to grips with a new short story before I look back at the novel and start planning the new one.

I am also looking forward to getting back to my gym after savouring the delights of the one in LA, but my gym family is right here and I can’t wait!

I will report more about last week’s writers’ conference once I am back into full swing next week, so all that remains is to say I am back! I look forward to sharing some new writing tips and ideas next week.




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