One Post, One Last Day In LA

Well I have had the most enjoyable and relaxing time in sunny California! I did some work and while I intended to work on a new story as some great new ideas came to me, I wrote notes and will work on a couple when I get home. I miss writing but I also think sometimes the break and the distance focuses us all the more for when we get back to it.

The West Coast Writers Conference was great and I met some fab writers! I intend to blog all about it next week with some photos and links that I know will be helpful!

I leave tomorrow at 5.30 in the afternoon, that’s when we take off. I feel as though I have been here for much longer than 2 and a half weeks, and though I have that sad ‘I don’t want to leave’ feeling, I also know I will be back next year. In fact I have been asked to be a speaker at one of the conferences!
Plus my busy writerly life awaits me and there are people and pets I miss. The reunions will be sweet!

I arrived on October 15th, and apart from the conference have mostly just hung out with my lovely friend and her friends and family!  I have been to a gym every other day, had meals out but not too often, seen a great play I will tell you all about. I have seen Lee’s 10th anniversary come and go, laughed,  cried and basically had a great rest. I also threw in a couple of days in Palm Springs and trick or treating last night.

So I will blog on Thursday when the plan is to be back writing and working!!!

A few pics for you….




More soon folks!


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