When people never grow old

A short and simple message this morning. Peter Pan is the little boy who never grew up as we all know and it influenced the latest short story I had published in Unthology 7 when we looked back and saw our character have an accident and forever stay thirteen in his head while all his friends grew up. Peter Pan has influenced a great many stories and this idea that we never grow up, or we never change is something we can all connect to. I feel much younger inside and forget that I am much older than I think I am. I think we all kind of get to one age and get stuck there.

And sometimes people do really get to one age and never grow older, well not in our memories.

While my life has moved on finally and I have met someone new (a long time later) my Lee would’ve been forty-two today, ten years ago he had his last birthday and a week later he was gone. But not forgotten. Never. I know he is still there watching over and I know he will be happy that my life has finally moved on. But I will never forget.

Remember to look up today and think about your own Peter Pan. It’s okay to love. It’s okay to miss. It’s okay to be happy again.

That is all.

Happy Birthday Lee xxxx




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