The Countdown to Carrots

Silly title? Did it grab you?


I love helping writers to come up with wacky and interesting titles — as well as the title that feels just right for the novel of course. In fact I did come up with something for a lovely client of mine that resulted in the name of her novel that I now don’t recall (so not memorable, right?) being changed to The Glass Girl — which she loved. It represented both a leitmotif in the novel as well as being a metaphor for the protagonist. Her agent loved it. The book is now published 🙂

So why am I countdowning to carrots? Well not really, unless that includes carrot cake in LA! But in the novel Chutney they are countdowining to carrots being ready, babies being born and to something else that frames the conflict of the novel and our allotmenteers!

And I am countdowning (I am sure that is not a real word and like character George that means it might have to get written down in my notebook of new and made up words; purple — from Tescos) … countdowning to finishing my work today I hope and almost three weeks off. Yikes. I will still be writing and checking emails and attending a writer’s conference so kind of off! But I am countdowning to Thursday afternoon when I fly to LA. This is just about my most exciting thing in the world to do and I can’t wait although now I have met someone lovely I will have someone to pine for. Oh God, lovestruck in LA ( a new title?). I have a feeling a new story, maybe even a new idea for a novel, might now be born while I’m out there!

So, what are you countdowning to and how will it shape your life? I am also hoping to send some of the new novel to the agent at last (help!) as I have never shown anyone my baby yet and now I’m thinking please don’ just like it, LOVE IT… eek!

Have a great Monday everyone!

Believe that anything is possible. Always. Because it is. Truly.



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