All that Pinching and Punching

No — it’s not another post about the gym  although things do go pinch before we go to the gym and we do punch in class, but I was thinking more about it being the first of a new month.

This time last year I had only just moved back to Essex and was giving a talk at the Rochester Literary Festival; some of you might have seen the post. Hard to believe that was a whole year ago.

Well, today marks a new month and a two-week countdown to my LA trip and the conference which I am so looking forward to. It will be so nice to just hang out with my very special friends over there and soak up all that is California . I plan to do some writing and a small amount of work on a project I’m collaborating on, but not a whole lot. I also plan to go to the gym a lot and read a lot and generally do a lot of what I already do but under a palm tree! I also plan to blog a little bit but not every day.

So it’s with particular excitement I say well hello October! Nice to finally see you 🙂

New pages, new chapters, new months. We like it.

I have been editing Chutney for the past few weeks and plan to send the first few chapters off to Becky my lovely agent before I cross the pond and hope we she likes what she reads. Yikes. We’ll see.

Busy weekend lined up this weekend so not a lot of work and I am taking Sunday off for a  change!

See you tomorrow folks for more of my morning’s musings!

Oh and if anyone is in the Canvey area and looking for personal training at the Fitness 4 Life Gym (best gym ever) I have been helping Malcolm set up his Facebook page here so do have a look and give it a like. I help set up the page, he trains me and boy do I ache this morning! No pain, no gain they say, right! Thanks!

Happy Thursday!

time to write


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