Challenge Makes Change

I have often used gym analogies on here and yesterday I saw a poster that rings true for anything in life: without challenge there is no change.

If we want to succeed in our writing or whatever the dream is we must learn to challenge ourselves; to push the boundaries of what we think is possible.

In a spin class this week we were asked if we were working as hard as we possibly could and many raised their hands. I didn’t because although I had pushed myself to my limits I knew, as I know with my work,  I can always give more even when I think I can’t. We can all give more than we think we can.

Push yourself beyond the comfortable and what you know, into something else.

Yesterday I had a personal training session for the first time: from someone who has won big awards and trained celebs, I tried proper weights and I was certainly pushed outside my comfort zone. So, can you apply this to your writing? Can you think about the style you use? Have you found a comfortable way to write and so that’s the kind of writing you do and the kind of characters you write. Could you now try present tense, first person, a child’s viewpoint? Or if you do this then why not third person, past tense, old man… if you don’t challenge yourself you will stay in the same place.

Life is about change, we must all learn to embrace the changes.

That is the message for today.




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2 responses to “Challenge Makes Change

  1. Thanks for pumping up my writerly resolve!

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