From Pink Neon to Blood Orange

A little late this morning as I was up from 3 am till after 4 to see the wonderful supermoon lunar eclipse.

So let’s wake Monday morning up in full technicolour!

This was me at the fabulous Fitness 4 Life Gym Glow Party, spinning in the dark on Friday. Great atmosphere!

Yes Minnie Mouse is in pink stockings!

Neon Minnie 1



Neon Minnie 2

Debz and Sue, September 25th 2015


And to an altogether different thing: Dad and I crept into the garden in the early hours to look at the Blood Moon and wow. As the earth’s shadow passed in front of the moon it took on a strange Mars-like rusty glow. But what captured me the most on this clear night was how as the moon’s radiance waned all the other stars shone more brightly.

In his musical about the holocaust, Harmony, Barry Manilow sings ‘The darker the night becomes, the brigher their light becomes’  as he sings of looking to the stars. How right he was.

I borrowed these next ones from talented writer friend, Paula R C Readman, hope that’s okay  Paula! It was too dark to get any good ones on my phone!

As I looked up I said prayers for those no longer here and those who are here.

Blood Moon 1

Blood Moon 2

When you stare up at he vastness of the skies on a clear night and see all those stars looking back, it makes you realise how small you really are.

Dream big today.


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One response to “From Pink Neon to Blood Orange

  1. Brilliant Debz, thank you for sharing me poor efforts my camera isn’t quite strong enough, but it was amazing to see though. I miss the final stage as a cloud covered it. 😦

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