Glow Today

It’s been a busy week of late night working and yesterday was particularly long as I had a long report to submit as well as some mentoring work and another long report that had to land on a desk by this weekend so the client can work on their novel. I did it yay!

When I think about workloads and my own writing goals I realise I am only truly happy when I have a lot on my proverbial plate. I like to see my lists full and my inbox heaving and the good thing about being your own boss is you get to choose the deadlines, well most of the time. Although with a holiday looming it does put on more pressure. I always say to people that life is about balance so while my first love, as I said yesterday, is the writing, we also need to make time for fun.

Tonight my reward is a Gym Glow Party and yes I will be there spinning in neon: Minnie Mouse Glow in the Dark ears, neon painted face (as a mouse of course), neon stockings (wait up… me in stockings and ones that glow in the dark (they did not sell leggings)) and wait for it: the neon UV glow tutu, a must-have for every girl’s wardrobe. Yes I said girls, that’s why I didn’t have one. But I will later when it arrives by special delivery. Now never let it be said I do not get into the spirit of things! It is not the usual author look I go for let me tell you!

So if I feel brave I may share a photo or two next week of me glowing looking like a cross between Minnie Mouse and some kind of naughty neon school girl.

Saturday is an all together different affair when I can don the glad rags and go to the theatre. Now that’s more like it.

See, it’s all about the balance. Some said it was all about the base, and sitting glowing on a spin bike later amongst friends it might be that too.


Have a great weekend all.

This was me at the last glow party. Oh dear you mutter.

But I mean what other gym has this much fun? Fitness 4 Life on Canvey Island is the best. That is all.


Glowing Debz




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