Being in the right place

Sometimes people talk about that element of luck needed to fulfil the dream and while I think there is no substitute for hard work, we all need an element of luck although I am not really a believer in luck, more serendipity. I think we create our own ‘luck’ by working hard and making sure we go to the right places and meet the right people, hence increasing our chances. But of course if your manuscript lands on the right desk at the right time and events have aligned themselves on that day that that person happens to be there and last night had a phone call from the commissioning editor at Penguin that they are really looking for a new Harry Potter set on Mars and that’s what lands on the desk or in the inbox… then that’s what I might call being in the right place. But of course said ms has to be good enough.

You can not predict book market trends I don’t think, by the time you know what is selling it’s way to late to target that market. All you can do is write and learn to write better and hone those skills as much as possible, keep learning.

I prefer to think of being in the right place and more the right head space. Knowing what you want is key and then focussing on achieving that. Be prepared to keep going back to the ‘drawing board’ and don’t think just because you saw a black cat or have a lucky charm or feng shuied the room that will bring you the success you need. What feng shuiing the room might do is create the right energy flow for you to feel happy enough to write well — but you have to do the work.

Create the right space to write well: both emotionally and physically: tidy desk, nice view, inspirational posters, whatever works best for you, maybe even music or I have a brainwave CD for inspiration and intuition someone gave me recently. Not sure if it works but I play it from time to time never the less. So create the space that works for you, maybe you need an untidy desk, maybe you need to face the garden, who knows, but make it your writing space or den. Now make the time to write. It’s really important you establish a routine and show up. The words will come. Don’t force them.

Writing is a wonderful gift and I truly believe I will never be bored again as I always have it, no matter where I am or who I’m with my first and greatest love (of the non-human kind) has to be writing.

What about you?

Happy Thursday.


Love books

When there is nothing else, I am in love with writing



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3 responses to “Being in the right place

  1. I’m with you there, Debz. Writing offers a wonderful opportunity to live out my adventures in an alternative world, and it makes me very happy 🙂

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