Setting the goals but being present in the moment

It’s too easy to live for the future when you set goals. The Secret tells us to focus on what we want and imagine it as if we already have it. That we have work to achieve and that the things we need will fall into place as we work towards those things. But we have to work hard. I agree and my life is very much about the goal, the end point when the movie deal has been struck and the next novel wins the big award. But we also have to remember to enjoy the ride; to look up from the road once in a while. I have said this before but it has been something in my head this morning.

If we always focus on the end point we forget that life is the journey that leads us to that point; to those goals. People might come along who are part of that. They might be there for the whole ride, or perhaps to take a few steps with you, but notice, acknowledge and move forwards. Life is the journey, so while the goals I set for myself, even on a daily basis, are a huge part of who I am and drive the course; remember to notice who and what is with you as you take that journey.

That is all.

Have a great day.

The goal



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