Learning is how we grow

I don’t think we will ever stop learning and I think that’s the way it ought to be, in life we grow and we need to embrace new knowledge in order to change and to grow.

As we approach the first anniversary since I moved back this way a lot of things have been in my head about the changes over the past twelve months and how change, while scary, is a part of this journey we are all on. A few times recently I have heard people talk about paths we take and how people come along and become part of that journey, souls that go around again. My life has changed a lot since I moved. I am back at home for one thing, which makes me think of who I was growing up and the very different person I am now, although do we really change that much? I am still the dreamer and the eternal optimist I always was, just a little wiser I hope.

I miss the countryside of North Wales and my friends there for sure, but I know in my heart this was the right choice. If you write you take it with you wherever you go. So my work has changed very little. I was talking to a friend back in Wales, my old neighbour and saying how I now seem to have a lot more work so have to work into the evenings, thinking about when I used to finish at tea time and she said, when? I guess she’s right, before I left Wales I was working into a lot of evenings, how we forget.

So apart from changing the location, and making lots of new friends at the gym and that aspect, in terms of health and nutrition has changed a lot, I am still me sitting on a computer writing in the mornings and editing for clients in the afternoon. Same me, different people but I do talk to my North Wales friends regularly and am hoping to visit if not at the end of the year and the beginning of next year.

I think writing has been the one constant, like the love affair (someone told me recently) that has seen me through these last few years, saved me some might say. But I also know that change is good. If the writing stays the same and I keep working hard then the goalposts don’t change, and that is most important to me… but the people along the journey with me will change and new people will come into our lives, that can only be good as long as we protect the person we have become and love. I will write always, I am a writer no matter where I am.

What about you?


I am who I choose to be. But without change you can never be who you could be.

What I choose


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One response to “Learning is how we grow

  1. Funny, I have been thinking about who I was before I had children, compared to who I am now, and I find that I am happy, confident and content with my place in the world. Writing is a wonderful way to express and explore our changing feelings, and it is wonderful that we can take it wherever we go.

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