Great Meeting of Canvey Writers

I will keep it short and sweet this morning as I need to write, but I wanted to say what a great meeting we had last night. We indulged in a writing exercise (last month’s prompt) borrowed from something we did in Bangor, and that was to write a letter to your sixteen-year-old self. What I hadn’t considered was just how much thought had gone into the idea that even if you could change something, would you? Because if you warned yourself not to marry the bad man for example, would you still have the same children?

It actually not only created the most heart-felt and openly honest pieces that helped us really understand one another more, it also set up the kind of questions that are real fodder for the story; time travel paradoxes. What interesting discussions this yielded. We were taken on journeys that made us think and made us laugh and in places made us cry. So thank you to all those who took part. Wow, I was so proud.

I think this little (well not so little) group has gone a long way since its conception in January and I am proud to stand aside such talented writers.

That is all. Have a great day everyone.


Canvey writers pic 14 Sept 2015 Peter Goldsworthy (pictured Jim Sainsbury, Colin Wyatt (my dad) & me!

Canvey writers  Meeting: 14 Sept 2015. Photo by group member Peter Goldsworthy. (Pictured left to right:  Jim Sainsbury, Colin Wyatt (my dad) & me!)



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