Celebrating ‘Common Wealth’

… well last night was a great evening, although I find the more I go to events like this when I am in a small group of people I know, the less I interact and mingle! But it remains a privilege to be part of this and to be invited.

So last night myself (2013 shortlistee), Tracy Fells (2014 shortlistee) and Ross, aspiring novelist from Canvey Writers (who at 20 has already written 6 YA fantasy novels!) set off for Marlborough House in London to celebrate the winner announcement of the Commonwealth Short Story Prize 2015.

Commonwealth Writers do wonderful things for writers from all over the Commonwealth and their competition is free to enter and open now. They celebrate in voices from all corners of the Commonwealth and so if you haven’t had a go yet, then do. The 2016 Competiton is now open for entries: http://www.commonwealthwriters.org/our-projects/the-short-story/

I really had no idea that my story would ever be suitable for this and yet it got to the shortlist with only one other UK writer. Tracy says she felt the same and never expected hers last year to get as far.

This year we were treated to readings of all the five regional winners’ stories leading to the drum roll moment (as we delicately devoured canapes and sipped our wine)… and with delight the winning story (a great story) was by UK/Canada regional winner Jonathan Tel! Well done to him! So our region won! Whoop!

The regional winners’ stories from 2012-2014 are now published in a collection and we all left with a lime-green bag and a copy of the book! The book is on Amazon: LINK

So once again I was delighted to be part of this and thank the organisers for all they do to promote writing across the Commonwealth: proof that no matter where we are, we share a ‘common wealth’ in writing and language.

photo 1

photo 2

Blenheim Suite in Marlborough House

photo 3


photo 4

Ross Howard (writer) and 2014 Commonwealth Shortlistee Tracy Fells


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