Listen to your inner voice

As human beings we are intuitive. I try to tell writers all the time how we are great experts in things like body language without really knowing it. When we write we tap into our creative energies and draw upon levels of consciousness that may be buried right inside us. It’s amazing what spiritual beings we all are 🙂 And so when we write, often what we are trying to say is seeking its way out of a hidden place inside. I sometimes feel as if I start with an idea and it changes into something a lot more powerful when I allow it to come through.  Maybe the lesson is superficial stories or thoughts are only the surface, and we need to look inside. So my new short story which I finished last week is behaving like that. I am pleased with it, but it hasn’t quite brought its message to me yet. Welcome to the madness of being a writer, right?

Dreams play a role in expressing our sub conscious too although I rarely recall my dreams. Sometimes they really only express our inner mind unwinding and nothing more; while other times they can bring things to the surface, messages, telling us when things are not quite right, maybe even ideas. Hey Barry Manilow wrote his iconic song ‘One Voice’ in a dream.

I am also a greater observer of gut instincts and I recall something my mum always told me; if it feels right inside then you go with it but if it doesn’t listen to that instinct; be that in our writing and in our private lives. I sometimes think it’s our subconscious also finding its way to the surface. Sometimes we really want something to be right, we don’t want to have to rewrite the story — used in the metaphorical as well as the literary sense here — if instinct says this isn’t right you have to go with it. It’s amazing how many times writers I critique tell me they agree with my comments because deep down they knew certain things were not right. I guess it’s that change (again in any sense) means work and it means pain sometimes, and it’s often the easy alternative we seek; but true happiness and true success can not be attained that way, can it? We have to listen to what our gut says; if there’s a knot there or even a subtle sense that something isn’t working, then look more closely.

That is all for today folks; writing to do!




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