Retreating from the world… or not?

Well here I am folks back from a wonderful retreat in Devon.

The idea of the writer’s retreat is one I used to dream about; especially when I was working full-time as something else and relished any available moment to write; have someone cook for me and where no one would think I was crazy for disappearing in my room just to write and nothing else. Oh how I longed for that.

In many ways I have that all the time now I am living my dream and so the idea of going somewhere to do that is less of a pipe dream. But what it did for me was allow me to focus on my own writing but also to have some time to relax. That is something I did need. Going with other writers means you can speak about writerly things that other people get. So my plan is now to have a week away like that (rather than just a few days) each year if I can when the focus is on my own writing and my relaxing time. So while I was retreating, I’d say I was also connecting, which was lovely.

But here I am back up early and ready to write although I have a busy sociable kind of week this week with lunches and I am reading at Project U in London with Unthank Books this Thursday evening if anyone is around… details here:

With just 6 weeks until my LA trip and as many novels lined up to critique and more I better get my proverbial skates on! With some socialising!

Have a good week everyone!


September 3, 20 Ingestre Place, Soho, London, W1F 0JF FREE

September 3, 20 Ingestre Place, Soho, London, W1F 0JF



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