My creative spaces

A quick post from my lovely room at my retreat in Devon as promised.

It’s delightful here in Sheepwash, just down the road, as it happens from Totleigh Barton the Arvon place.

Great place where we are left to our own devices to have some creative fun, but also walks if we want them and plenty of nice food. At six o’clock Debs who runs it with husband, Bob, comes to find us with a glass of wine! Can’t be bad 🙂

The food is great although I am being good (with some treats) and this morning was working out in a field under the watchful gaze of the sheep 🙂

I have just about finished the new short story that I will return to this morning and then go back to Chutney later!

That is all folks. More next week.






Where I worked out this morning!

Where I worked out this morning!


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One response to “My creative spaces

  1. It looks wonderful Debz, have a great time.

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